Wood End Colour Fun Run 2023


When: Sunday 21st May 2022, 10am-12pm (gates open at 9:30am).

Timings: EYFS / KS1 run: 10am (20 minutes long), KS2 run 10:45am (30 minutes long)

Where: School field

Course length: four laps is about 1 mile

Tickets to run: tickets are £6 each from the PTA Event website https://www.pta-events.co.uk/woodend/

Closing date for entries: 14 May


* All children attending the event must be accompanied by a supervising adult. If your child is running you do not have to run with them but you will need to supervise them.


* Please remember to bring any necessary medical equipment such as inhalers for asthma, EpiPens for allergies, medic alert bracelets and food/medicine for anyone who has diabetes.


* Cashless event so please bring cards.






How will the Colour Fun Run work?

EYFS and KS1 run will start at 10am and the KS2 run will start at at 10:45am. Runners will have a set amount of time to run around the course as many times as they like (20 minutes for EYFS/KS1 and 30 minutes for KS2). There will be two colour stations situated at opposite ends of the course. When the runners run past, adult volunteers will throw colour powder at their clothes.


Can anyone throw colour powder at the runners?

For safety reasons only adults will be able to throw the powder.


What if my child doesn’t want to have colour thrown at them?

The course will include a clearly marked bypass lane next to each of the colour stations for any runners who don’t want to have the colour powder thrown at them.


Will there be a warm-up for each run?

Davis Fitness, our event sponsor, will provide a warm-up before each run.


Do I need to run the course?

Not at all - walk, skip or jog. This event is all about getting outside and having fun as a community.


Will someone count the number of laps I do?

This year most of our volunteers will be busy manning the colour stations, merchandise stall, photography stall, tattoo stall and refreshment stall so we will not be able to count laps. Children who would like to record their laps could either count for themselves, ask their supervising adults to count for them, or a parent could volunteer to count the laps for the runners in their child’s class.


What will happen at the end of the run?

Once they cross the finish line all runners (adults and children) will be given their medal and an ice-pop. Certificates will be completed and handed out during school assembly. 


Will there be a race photographer?

We’re lucky this year to have Marzena (Wood End parent and the owner of successful local photography company Little Creative) available throughout the event to take photos of you and your family pre and post run. Marzena will have a stand to one side of the run course (next to the astroturf pitch near the KS1 playground). If you would like to have your photo taken make sure you seek her out.


What time should we arrive?

The gates will open from 9:30am. The KS1 warm up starts at 10am and the KS2 one starts at 10:45am.


Do I need to run with my child?

No, but all children attending the fun run must be supervised by an adult. If you don’t want to run, feel free to watch and cheer from the side-line.


Do I need to buy a ticket if I’m not running?

No, only adults and children who are entering the run need to buy a ticket.


Can I enter to run on the day?

No, all entries must be in advance to give the organisers time to buy enough colour powder, medals and ice-pops. 


If we’re not running, can we still attend to cheer on our classmates and friends?

Of course! There should be a lovely atmosphere on the day with music playing and refreshments available. 


Can adults and children who don’t attend Wood End School run? And in what race?

Yes, friends and family are very welcome. Everyone running must buy a ticket and register via the PTA Event website. Friends and family can enter either race but please note that the EYFS/KS1 race is 10 minutes shorter.



Can we run as a family if one child is in the EYFS/KS1 race and another in the KS2?

You can all run together – just remember to buy tickets for the same run.


Can nursery children run?

Yes, in the EYFS/KS1 run.


Will the course be marshalled?

Yes, we have several parent volunteers attending to cheer children on and support kids who are struggling to run or who take a tumble. Parent volunteers who are trained medical professionals will provide First Aid where needed.


Will there be food and refreshments available?

There will be a water stand set-up throughout the event and all the runners will be given an ice-pop at the end of their run. 


There will also be a refreshments stand where you can buy tea, coffee and tasty treats. 


Will there be any other stalls?

As well as a refreshments stall there will also be a merchandise stall selling colourful garlands, whistles, headbands and other colourful accessories. Davis Fitness will have a stand and will be very happy to talk you through any fitness questions or their special introduction offer. There will also be a professional photography stand to capture you and your family in all your colourful, powder-splattered glory after the race. We are also hoping to have a glitter tattoo stand (subject to us having enough volunteers to run it).


What if the event has to be cancelled?

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the Fun Run we will communicate this ASAP via the class whatsapp groups, the FoWE pages on the school website and the FoWE socials (Facebook and Instagram).


How can I fundraise?

Fundraising is optional. You are already helping to raise funds by participating! However, if you do want to ask family, friends, neighbours and anyone else for their support through sponsorship, please share the justgiving page link below. All the money raised by this event will go towards Wood End School’s new Learning Hub.








What is the colour powder made from? Is it safe?

We have sourced our colour powder from a reputable, UK based company called Ministry of Colour. The colour powder is non-toxic; it is created in a factory in England using vegetable starch and natural dyes. The company who makes the powder has created a detailed safety and cleaning information booklet which can be found below. It includes information on the ingredients in the colour powder https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1653/5009/files/Ministry_of_Colours_Colour_Product_Data_Sheet_Nov_2021.pdf?v=1674826309


What should I wear?

Although the colour powder isn’t toxic, it may irritate the eyes, so we are asking all runners to wear either goggles or sunglasses during the run. We also suggest wearing a white-t-shirt to make the most of the beautiful colours created by the powder. It’s going to be a colour filled event so please do feel free to wear your craziest, most colourful accessories to go with your white t-shirt. At other events people have worn tutus, wigs, face-paint, etc.


On your bottom half we’d recommend wearing either old shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms that you don’t mind getting stained.


Please dress appropriately for the weather – if it is sunny don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a sun hat.


Will the colour powder stain my clothes?

The colour powder can stain other clothing so please only wear clothes you don’t mind having colour thrown at.


Can I fix the colour powder to my white t-shirt?

Full instructions for how to fix the colour can be found here:



Can I wash the colour powder out of my hair?

A good wash, shampoo and condition should remove the colour although you may need to repeat this if you get a lot of colour in your hair. If you are worried about your hair being stained wear a hat or scarf or apply conditioner or oil to your hair before the event.



If you have questions that aren’t answered here then please email fowe@woodend.herts.sch.uk or ask us via your class rep.