All forms are available from the School Office. For your convenience, here are a selection of the most relevant for parents:

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Welcome Brochure Information brochure detailing school procedure – given to all new parents.

Link to Uniform page.

Time for School is 8.45am (doors open at 8.40am) - full details in the Welcome Brochure above.


At Wood End School we try to create an atmosphere where parents/carers always feel welcome, and where staff and parents can talk openly and honestly. Parents/carers’ opinions, support and involvement are highly valued. 

We actively encourage parents/carers to help with activities such as cooking, art, reading, sports and other extra curricular activities.

Parent volunteers who regularly help in school (e.g. 4 or more times a month) are asked to complete the online DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) process.  We recognise the key role that parents/carers play in the education of their children and through close partnership; we aim to provide the very best education possible. 

For more information please visit the parent volunteer page.

We are committed to building successful working partnerships with our families. Part of this is maintaining clear communication between school and home in a range of ways. Please see the table below which explains who to approach with a query and how to get in touch with them.

Your Query Who you need to talk to How to get in touch
Anything to do with your individual child e.g. Their progress, behaviour or something that has happened in the school playground. Your child's Class Teacher is always the first port of call for any of the queries; they may then involve the Key Stage Leader, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher if necessary. Teachers are at their classroom doors after school if you need a quick word with them.  For a more in depth discussion, please make an appointment with the teacher for a mutually convenient time via

Anything to do with your child's additional learning needs such asspecial educational needs (SEN), and English as an additional language (EAL) or any other concerns you may have.

Our SEND Co-ordinator: (SENDCo) Mrs Millar

Make an appointment via the school
office (01582 761636) or write directly to Mrs Millar (Please note she does not work on Fridays).

Any concerns regarding child welfare or family circumstances which we need to be aware of.

The Headteacher, Mr Boulton, and / or Deputy Head, Mrs Smart
Chair of Governors Mr Harvey 
is available in the third instance.

Please call the school office or email to arrange a meeting with the Deputy or Headteacher.
To contact the Chair of Governors please email:

All administrative queries including Admissions, Attendance, School meals, Arbors, Nursery Paid sessions, and Breakfast Club.

The Office Manager: Mrs O'Sullivan.
(8-11am on Fridays)

Please call the school office or email

General Enquiries, including
childcare arrangements.

Office Administrator‘s
Mrs Chandra (Mon & Tues & Wed morning )
Mrs Easterbrook (Thu & Fri).

Please call the school office  on 01582 761636  by 2.30pm at the latest
Please do not email same day messages.

Administrative queries including all Trips and School Clubs.

Office Administrator: 
Mrs Gow

Please speak to a member of staff in the school office.

Externally Run Clubs

Please contact the club organiser directly.

Tel numbers can be found on the school website.

Music & Letting Enquiries.

Office Administrator:
Mrs Easterbrook.

Mrs Easterbrook works Thursday and Friday.

Medical Enquiries, including permission forms to administer medicines, and detailed care plans.

Welfare Assistant: Miss Imrie.


Miss Imrie is available 9am to 1.30pm, call school office or email

Anything to do with the whole school, including feedback and suggestions.

Education:  Headteacher, Deputy Head, and Chair of Governors
Finance/Premises:  School Business Manager, Mrs Bird.  

Please call the school office or email

Queries about Volunteering /Fundraising Events for FoWE

Chair of  Friends of Wood End
Class FoWE representatives.

Further details on the FoWe page