Eco Council

The Eco Council consists of elected members from each year group.
Members are elected for one year.
The school council meets with a Teacher as Chair regularly.

The Eco Council is responsible for our "Looking After our Planet" whole school recycling plan.  Each classroom/office has a paper recycling bin which is collected by the Eco Council each week.

Eco-Council 2022

The Eco Council have been busy trying to make the school an eco-friendlier environment. They continue to collect the paper recycling bins and the pen recycling bins weekly, as well as having the opportunity to litter pick around the school grounds every Friday lunchtime. They have also helped apply for a Nature Grant of £500 to spend on an assortment of nature equipment (they voted for a selection of gardening equipment and a bug hotel for the school’s Sensory Garden).

Soon, the Eco Council will be responsible for collecting the food waste from break time and putting it into our new compost bins that will be located by our sensory garden. In addition to this, the Eco Council lead is currently working with Sustainable St Albans and the Hertfordshire Wildlife Trust to develop a plan to help improve and maintain our Sensory Garden. Using the compost bins and our equipment to create a wildlife patch and to plant plants, this project that the Eco Council will assist with, will help promote biodiversity, especially encouraging bees, butterflies and bugs into our school.

Here are some posters that the Eco Councillors have made to promote being eco-friendly around school:

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Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3
Gallery - image 4

Clean-up Day - Thursday 17th February 2022

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came and helped at our clear-up day! We are very sorry we had to cancel the second day, unfortunately this was out of our hands. We are planning a similar day in the near future, so watch this space! A special thank you to Ground and Holywell for donating skips to the school, as well as Waitrose, who provided us with some sweet treats to keep us going. 

The Eco-council have developed a 'Parents Travel Code of Conduct' that can be seen below.