News 13th January 20231/13/23, 4:14 PM

E-Safety Sessions; Dates and Curriculum Letters; Celebration Assemblies; Relish New Packed Lunch; Consultation Evenings; Admissions Rec and Nursery; The Learning Hub Diary; Parent Questionnaire; NHS Advice; FoWE: Meeting/Dates/Break the Rules/Quiz Night/Clothes Bank/School Lottery; St Albans Music Service; Community/Club Notices

News 9th December 202212/9/22, 3:29 PM

Cinderella Pantomime; Jumpers and Coats; Christmas Lunch; Christmas Message; E-Safety Session; Parent Questionnaire; Rotary Carol Concert; FOWE: Dates for your Diary/Festive Friday/Christmas Trees/Christmas Jumper Day/Quiz Night/Easyfundraising/Fund the Learning Hub/Westminster Gardens Christmas Lights; Modeshift Winter Wonderland; Harpenden Plus Workshop; Community news; Clubs

News 25th November 202211/25/22, 3:53 PM

Parent Questionnaire; Start Time for School; Christmas Performances; Christmas Lunch; Travel Code of Conduct; Children in Need Total; Rotary Boxes; Admissions Reception Places; FOWE:  Fund the Learning Hub/Christmas Tree/Festive Friday/Christmas Cards/Pre-loved Uniform/Easyfundraising; St Mary's Church Events; Harpenden Christmas Carnival

News 11th November 202211/11/22, 3:44 PM

Children in Need; Anti-Bullying Week; Christmas Performances; FoWE:  Fund the Learning Hub/Disco/Pre-loved Uniform Sale/Order your Christmas Tree/Festive Friday/Elfridges Secret Gift Shop/Quiz Evening/Clothes and Shoe Bank/School Lottery; Reception Admissions Open; Online Safety News; Harpenden Christmas Carnival; Carol Concert; Bounce

News 21st October 202210/21/22, 4:13 PM

Children in Need/Girl's Football League Results/Site Manager Advert/Yr6 Secondary Applications/FoWE: Disco; Christmas Cards; Festive Friday; Christmas Tree; Pre-loved Uniform Sale/FoWE AGM/Rotary Shoeboxes/Poppies/Other community fliers.