Wellbeing at Wood End

  The wellbeing of everybody in our school community is very important to us at Wood End School.

At Wood End, ‘wellbeing’ means both feeling good and functioning well. We believe that everybody has a part to play in supporting positive wellbeing.

Our six Wood End Learner Traits are embedded throughout the school curriculum and day to day life. 

We hope this page helps you to gain a greater understanding of what we do at Wood End School and offers you some links that might help from the small worries to the big.

It is impossible to explain everything that we do to support each other’s wellbeing, but we would like to share a few examples with you:

  • Help our children to understand their emotions, feelings and develop the confidence to freely discuss these.
  • Embrace everyone’s differences and ensure children and adults know that they are important.
  • Encourage all to be confident and develop emotional resilience. We know this is important for helping us deal with life’s ups and downs and that it can help prevent the development of mental health problems.
  • We greatly value the views of all our pupils and encourage them to feel comfortable to share their thoughts and/or concerns with us through one to one conversations or talking with the School Council and the Eco Council.
  • In PSHE, Personal, Social and Health Education, we follow the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme of work. We chose ‘Jigsaw’ because it is based on a mindfulness philosophy and practice. It aims to improve children’s resilience, emotional well-being and their capacity to learn.
  • We encourage parents and carers to share any concerns about their child with us. We understand the importance of early identification and early intervention and what a worrying time this can be.
  • Occasionally a child or family may need more expert help from an outside agency. We are a member of Harpenden Plus Partnership, based at Sauncey Wood Primary, they can offer a variety of support services for children and families.
  • The school nurse can also work closely with our children and families on an individual support basis.  

Some useful links:

Visit our Family Support Services Page (parent tab) for further information.