Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Boulton Headteacher Mrs C Smart Deputy Headteacher and EYFS Leader
Mrs T Moore Key Stage 2 and Behaviour Leader Mrs G Bird School Business Leader
Mrs S Millar Inclusion and Mental Health Leader Mr M Keys Curriculum Leader
Mr M Withers  Key Stage 1 Leader  

Teaching Staff

Mrs I Marcu Nursery Seedlings & Saplings
Miss K Hills Reception Beech Mrs E Bayliss Reception Ash
Mrs R Carron Year 1 Cedar Mrs L Vincent and Mrs A Cotton Year 1 Chestnut
Mrs V Timms
Year 2 Hawthorn Mr M Withers Year 2 Holly
Mrs E Nelson and Mrs J Payne Year 3 Poplar Mrs K Bailey and Mrs A Puttrell Year 3 Pine
Mrs Lundgren Year 4 Rowan Miss SJ Kimbley Year 4 Maple
Miss S Moore Year 5 Willow Mrs T Moore Year 5 Sycamore
Miss N Coleman Year 6 Oak Mr M Keys Year 6 Elm
Ms T Logan PPA Teacher Ms G Lore PPA Teacher
Mrs K Dona-Paz PPA Teacher Mrs C Prynn PPA Teacher
Mr D Barker Sports Coach Mrs H Boxshall PPA Teacher

Administrative and Support Staff

Administrative Staff

Mrs W Bramwell Office Manager Miss D Imrie Welfare Assistant
Mrs D Chandra Office Administrator Mrs E Kosa Librarian
Mrs D Easterbrook Office Administrator Mr G Lynch Site Manager
Ms J Gow Office Administrator Mr D Kennie Kitchen Manager

Support Staff Foundation

Mrs K Durrant Early Years Practitioner Nursery Mrs P Clark Early Years Practitioner
Mrs M Katechia Early Years Practitioner Nursery Mrs A Rourke Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Cook Early Years Practitioner Nursery Mrs H Rogerson Learning Support Assistant
Miss Z Pollard Early Years Practitioner Nursery Mrs R Grebby Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Grey Early Years Practitioner  Mrs L Hattam Learning Support Assistant

Support Staff Key Stage 1

Mrs T Grice Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs J Marchon Teaching Assistant 
Mrs T Middleton Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs S Khan Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Reynolds Teaching Assistant (HLTA) R Simpkin Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs S Cook Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs K Godefroy Learning Support Assistant

Support Staff Key Stage 2

Mrs L Whitwam Senior Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs L Erman Teaching Assistant
Ms S Cunnah Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs A Gaynor Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Fowler Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  Mrs C Temple Learning Support Assistant
Mr P Mateus Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  Mrs C Messett Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Tearle Teaching Assistant (HLTA)  Mrs S Redmond Learning Support Assistant