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From September 2011 all primary schools must offer children a full-time place at the start of the September term. However, legally children do not have to be in full-time education until the term after their 5th birthday. Delaying your child’s entry into school is called ‘deferred entry’. You can request this, but your child must start before the end of the school year during which they turn 5.

The school works within the admissions policy of Hertfordshire Education Authority.
Please see the 'Tours' page for admission dates (link to the left and above).

Apply Online

More and more families are applying online at If you need any help with applying online please call 01438 737500 and they will be happy to help you.  For Nursery admissions please see the Nursery tab above.

Applying Online: It is quick, safe and secure; you can check or change your details right up to the deadline; you can receive instant confirmation by email and you can view your school offer before you receive your letter!

Continued Interest or Appeals Process

Please contact Herts County Customer Services on 0300 123 4043.

How Hertfordshire County Council Process your Application

They treat each of your three rankings as a separate application, regardless of the order you have listed them in, and work out how well you qualify for each school using the admission rules. If the schools receive more applications than they have places available, they use their admission rules (as seen below) to decide to whom they can offer a place. Places are allocated to those who best meet the published admission rules.

Rule 1 – Children Looked After.
Rule 2 – Medical or Social: Children for whom it can be demonstrated that they have a particular medical or social need to go to the school.
Rule 3 – Linked School.
Rule 4 – Sibling.
Rule 5 – Children for whom it is their nearest community or voluntary-controlled school.
Rule 6 – Children who live nearest to the school.

Parents may request the name of their nearest school by calling the Customer Service Centre 0300 123 4043.

Home and Pre-school Visits 

Before the children start Nursery/Reception we arrange a visit to your child's setting so that the staff can meet your child in their familiar environment.  If your child is not in a setting, a home visit will be arranged.  Alternatively, your child will be invited to attend a taster session in the Nursery/Reception.

We aim to ensure that every child settles quickly.  Children are able to blossom and to feel comfortable and confident as they progress through these crucial years of their early education.

We extend a very warm invitation to you to come and visit us.  Come and meet the children and staff who make our school such a rich and busy learning environment - a very special place!

We very much hope to meet you on one of our scheduled tours (please see our Tours Page).