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Friends of Wood End -  NEWS 


Sunday 22nd May - Sponsorship pages for the 2022 Wood End Family Fun Run are now live. 

The Fun Run justgiving pages are now live! 

To join the fun on Sunday 22nd May:

  1. Register via School Gateway by Monday 16th May.
  2. Get sponsored (if you wish)
  3. Collect your race number (19th and 20th May from the picnic area).
  4. Run your hardest and receive your medal . 

Please use the correct link below to ask friends, families, neighours and anyone else to sponsor you and / or your child for taking part in the Fun Run. 

This year the Fun Run has a competitive element! The classes in EYFS/KS1 and KS2 that raise the most money will receive £50 each from our sponsor Marchon to spend on their class. 

Walk, jog, run! Sunday 22nd May 10am - 12pm. 

Have a question? Check out this link: https://www.woodend.herts.sch.uk/whats-on/about/fowe-fun-run  

Good luck!

Nursery (Seedlings and Saplings): https://bit.ly/3LhmCY8

Reception (Beech): https://bit.ly/3EHUECm

Reception (Ash): https://bit.ly/Ashclass

Year 1 (Chestnut): https://bit.ly/37HARH9  

Year 1 (Cedar): https://bit.ly/cedarclass

Year 2 (Holly): https://bit.ly/3Oykn4W

Year 2 (Hawthorn): https://bit.ly/3k8xVGc

Year 3 (Pine): https://bit.ly/3KcVok0

Year 3 (Poplar): https://bit.ly/3v9G9UO

Year 4 (Maple): https://bit.ly/3vFVICN

Year 4 (Rowan): https://bit.ly/3Kgnhb0

Year 5 (Willow): https://bit.ly/37HBfp5

Year 5 (Sycamore): https://bit.ly/3vARM6i

Year 6 (Oak): https://bit.ly/3rNNnvJ

Year 6 (Elder): https://bit.ly/3Lf8eQm

Year 6 (Elm): https://bit.ly/3KdEjXn

Saturday 11th June - Wood Quiz Night

Get your teams together and your thinking hats on! The amazing Quiz Night returns! Tickets can be bought via the PTA events website:



When: Saturday 11th June, opens 7pm. 

Where: KS2 hall

Cost: £15 per person, includes Godfrey's meal - fish, haloumi, chicken & leek pie or sausages (all come with chips). 

How do I enter?

  1. Get your team together and agree a team name. 
  2. Get everyone's food choices. 
  3. Buy tickets - you will need to enter name and food choice for each ticket purchased.

Wine is available to buy at a discounted rate compared to on the night. A special multi-buy deal of three bottles at £35 will automatically be applied at check-out. 

Saturday 2nd July  - Wood End Summer Fair

We wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been in touch so far to offer up food and drink ideas, raffle prizes or their time for the Wood End Summer Fair - we really appreciate all the offers of support and plans are shaping up nicely for a fun filled day!


We would be grateful for:

  • jam jars for the sweet stall - ideally filled with nut-free individually wrapped sweets. 
  • Packets of nut-free, individually wrapped sweets to fill up any empty jam jars!
  • bottles of drink for the tombola 
  • good quality secondhand toys and books


Running stalls on the day

Responsibility for organising the stalls and manning it during the event has been divided up amongst the classes. Please get involved and support your class reps - we need help from everyone to make it a success. 

Please contact Anna if you have any questions: PTASummer@outlook.com






Ash (R)


Beech (R)

Candy floss

Cedar (1)

Books & toys

Chestnut (1)

Jam jars & Inflatable balls

Hawthorn (2)

Bottle tombola / small gift tombola

Holly (2)

Coconut shy

Pine (3)

BBQ / Overall event

Poplar (3)

BBQ / Overall event

Maple (4)

Beat the goalie

Rowan (4)

Tin Can Alley

Sycamore (5)


Willow (5)


Elm (6)


Elder (6)


Oak (6)


Are there any individuals who would be happy to get together and organise this stall?

Glitter Tattoos

All classes will also need to provide two volunteers to cover a time slot on the gate

Gate Entry


Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are now on sale via the PTA event website Friends of Wood End (pta-events.co.uk)  


Estate Agent Boards

One of our key event sponsors, Savills will be using their advertising boards to communicate the fair and are looking to display these in gardens in the run up to the event. If you are local to the school and you think you would be able to host one of these in your garden, please contact Jo M on PTASummer@outlook.comThank you!!


Matched Funding from your employer – are you eligible? 

Did you know that your fundraising efforts for FoWE could potentially be doubled by your employer if they offer a ‘match funding’ scheme? 

With more fundraising events being confirmed in our school calendar we thought it worth highlighting match funding and how you could help achieve our fundraising targets even faster! 

If your company offers a matched funding scheme it will often match some or all of the the amount raised at a fundraising event (up to a certain level) as long as you have helped out at the event. 

Your involvement in an event could be as little as creating a poster, selling tickets for the raffle or serving refreshments on the day of the fun run - you don’t have to be the event lead! 

If you'd like to help, speak to your employer or your company's HR department to ask if they operate a Matched Funding Scheme. If they do, usually all you need to do is complete an online form provided by your work and possibly provide them with a letter from our treasurer to confirm the details. 

Many companies offer matched funding schemes. Just a few of the companies that have provided this to us in the past include: Argos, GSK, Telereal and Trillium.  Lots of other companies operate a matched funding scheme: BP, PwC, Deloitte, Schroders, Barclays, RBS, Shell, Boots, Ocado and Whitbread to name just a few. 

Charity name: Wood End School Parent Teacher Association

Charity number:  1055324

For more information please contact: pta@woodend.herts.sch.uk   


Friends of Wood End - DATES     


Don’t forget to pop these dates into your calendar




Year group responsible



Sunday 22nd May

Fun Run

Year 2

Saturday 11th June

Quiz Night

Year 5

Saturday 2nd July

Summer Fair

Year 3






We normally run 2 FoWE Meetings per term. All parents/carers/teachers welcome (you are already a member). Do join to share your views or just listen in. Everyone welcome. Please email us so we can send you the details.

  • Thursday 19th May 2022
  • Tuesday 5th July 2022


Get in touch via email: fowe@woodend.herts.sch.uk   

Check our pages on the school website: www.woodend.herts.sch.uk/home-1/about/news   

Follow our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WoodEndPTA/   

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