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Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

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Welcome to our Year 4 page 

Our class teachers are Mrs Timms and Mrs Dunne (Rowan Class),  and Miss Lundgren (Maple Class).

Year 3/4 National Curriculum spelling words

Curriculum letter summer term 2019
E-Safety Workshop Wednesday 24th April 2019

Welcome Presentation September 2018

Visit from the Harpenden Historical Society

Year 4 were visited by Katharine Robertson from the Harpenden Historical Society who delivered a very engaging workshop looking at artefacts from Victorian times. Looking at the artefacts, we had to guess what job a lady called Elizabeth Crane used to do. She lived in Harpenden in the year 1841 and we discovered she used to be a straw hat maker. What a fabulous morning!

Homework - Max 20 mins per subject  



Times Tables Rock Stars practice - continue to practise your tables regularly!!


Maths homework due Wednesday 10th July - Last homework this academic year!

Challenge A, B or C.


Last week's maths homework:

Challenge A, B or C


Last week's English homework: Apostrophes



Extra times tables sheets:

Multiplication grid

Ultimate Challenge sheet

 We do expect children to read regularly at home for 10 mins a day as this has a big impact on their learning.  Other  homework set is there to support and consolidate work in school.  We do not expect work at home to take longer than the maximum time given.  We understand that on occasion e.g. the family going away for the weekend that homework may not be completed on time. 


Squared Paper     Lined Paper

Useful Websites

    rockstars    Practice your Times Tables with Rock Stars l
og-on link
Active Learn  Abacus Active Learn to support maths learning at home

   Log-ons for both the above sites will be given to the children by the teacher.

Harpenden Walk - Thursday 6th June 2019
Year 4 had a fabulous day in the sunshine walking to Harpenden. The children completed a trail of the town and found out about Harpenden's past. We then enjoyed a lovely picnic and play in Rothamsted Park followed by a walk home along the old Nickey Line. Thank you to all adults to helped out on the trip - we were all exhausted on our return to school!!

Setpoint, Electricity Workshop - 10th May 2019
The children had great fun making their electrical board game using batteries, switches, wires and a bulb. Thank you to the PTA who partly funded this workshop and also the parent helpers who support our activities. 

Year 4 Greek Day Monday 25th March
Maple and Rowan were transported back to Ancient Greece this week as part of their History topic. Resplendent in togas and sandals, the children experienced a range of activities featuring the Olympics, Greek wars, and traditional stories and myths.  

Thanks to the children for their active participation and exemplary behaviour, all our enthusiastic adult helpers, and the PTA for once again funding a special experience for the children.

Year 4 Flamenco Workshop Tuesday 16th October
On Tuesday morning, Year 4 participated in a European dance workshop learning a Spanish Flamenco dance. The children had a lot of fun!   The workshop brought their European geography topic to life.

Year 4 Visit to Tring Natural History Museum - Thursday 8th November  

For our Science topic (teeth and digestion), Year 4 visited the Natural History Museum in Tring last Thursday.  We enjoyed a lovely day exploring the museum and taking part in a workshop which involved looking at a variety of animal skulls to investigate different types of teeth. Thank you to the parents who volunteered their valuable time to help us on this trip.