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Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

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Welcome to our Year 3 page 

Our class teachers are Mrs Bailey and Mrs Nelson (Pine Class),  and Mrs Law (Poplar Class)

Curriculum letter, autumn term 2019

Welcome Presentation 2019

E-Safety Workshop Wednesday 24th April 2019

Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony Camp - Wednesday 23rd October 2019

On Wednesday, we went on a trip to Celtic Harmony Camp, near Hertford. First, we learned how to grind wheat into flour using a quern stone and visited a herb garden to find out what herbs were used hundreds of years ago. After enjoying our lunch in the roundhouse, we used a weighted loom and shuttle to weave some clothes. We twisted string to make bracelets and dyed them in crushed plants to make them colourful. We traded our coins and bought some items from the shop. It was an exciting experience and we would like to thank the adult helpers for coming with us.

Joanna B. and Roshan J. (Poplar Class)

Homework - (to be handed in by the following Wednesday)

Homework 15th November to be handed in by 20th November

Using what you have learnt about adding and subtracting, write a question that leads to the correct answer for each category. How challenging can you make the questions?

All challenges

Homework 8th November to be handed in by 13th November.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

 TT Rockstars

We have set up a new scheme on TT Rockstars where the children will follow a set programme and automatically progress through levels. Whilst it may initially seem as though the children have gone back to the beginning, those children who know their times tables will quickly progress through the stages until they are at the correct level.


We do expect children to read regularly at home for 10 mins a day as this has a big impact on their learning.  Other  homework set is there to support and consolidate work in school.  We do not expect work at home to take longer than the maximum time given.  We understand that on occasion e.g. the family going away for the weekend that homework may not be completed on time.

Year 3 ideas for books to read


Squared Paper        Lined Paper

Useful Websites

 Practice your Times Tables with Rock Stars log-on link
Active Learn

Abacus Active Learn to support maths learning at home

Log-ons for both the above sites will be given to the children by the teacher.