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Welcome to our Reception page

Our Teachers are Mrs Vincent (Ash), and Miss Puttrell (Beech)

Phonics Presentation - Thursday 3rd October 2019

High Frequency Words

Curriculum letter, spring term 2020

E-Safety Workshop Wednesday 24th April 2019

Welcome Presentation 2019 - Information for starting Reception Sept 2019

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A Miracle in Town

The Reception children proudly present their version of the very first Christmas.

Reception - Road Safety Workshop Wednesday 6th September

The children had a brilliant time learning all about road safety. They discussed the different types of vehicles on the roads. They learnt the phrase “Stop. Look. Listen. Think.” and all about people who wear fluorescent clothing, including Lollipop people. We discussed the importance of wearing a seatbelt in the car and the dangers that could happen if we didn’t wear one. The children were told the importance of leaving the car on the pavement side and always making sure a grown up fastens their seatbelt. Then the children practised crossing the road safely with a grown up and always making sure you hold hands.

Well done Reception, you listened really well.

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 Early Years Foundation Curriculum

Welcome Booklet - procedural information

Alphabet - starting to form letters

Please find listed below  documents providing information about Letters and Sounds as taught in the Foundation Stage:

General Letters and Sounds

Phase 2 Words    Phase 3-4 Words   Phase 5 Words