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Welcome to our Nursery page

Our teachers are Mrs Marcu and Miss Cotton


Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2021

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Please find the link to the animation here :- https://youtu.be/7RoTkp3vkB0

Video from Mr Boulton, Mrs Smart and Miss Cotton to welcome you to Wood End School

Thank you for all your amazing efforts last week!

We have decided to post the home learning pack for the whole week every Monday. Can we kindly ask that you post your child's work on Tapestry at the end of the week and title it "Home Learning Week Beginning 11.1.21"? This way it will be easier to us to keep track of what has been done at home, as well as giving constructive feedback. 

Please remember that play is just as important for the children. 



Day 1: 

Play your child the Jolly Phonics videos for /link for t/ and /link for p /. Go on an object hunt around your home finding words that begin with /t/ and /p/. 


Day 2:

Play the Odd One Out game. Provide a range of objects beginning with /t/ and one object beginning with /p/. Can your child find the odd one out? Feel free to change the odd one out as many times as you like, as long as your child is still interested in playing the game. 


Day 3: 

Play the Jump Between the Sounds game. Write the letters /s/a/t/p/ and the first letter of their name on the ground. Encourage your child to jump from letter to letter by calling out the sound of the letter they land on. To add to the fun, you can change how you say it e.g. in a squeaky/ troll/ low/ slow voice. 


Day 4:

Using objects or pictures of a pirate ship, pirates, treasure map,  plank and treasure chest, encourage your child to make up a story to record and post on Tapestry. You can use lego or building blocks and small world figures and ask your child to build their own ship/ plank etc.


Day 5:

Write a message in a bottle. Write a letter to the pirates, encouraging them to write the initial letter in their name or their full name at the end of the message - otherwise the pirates will not know who the letter is from! Please ask your child what they have written and put in the comment box on Tapestry what the message says. Place the message in a plastic bottle and watch it float in the sink or bath. 




Day 1:

Walk the plank game. Make a long, straight line by placing masking tape along the floor or using chalk outside. Write numerals 1-10 along it. Ask your child to walk the plank up to a number of your choice and count backwards, saying the numbers out loud. To challenge them, place a beanbag on their head, hop, jump or walk backwards. 


Day 2:

 Sorting coins and counting. Hide some plastic/real coins in your garden or in a sand tray. Ask your child to help you find the hidden treasure. Once you`ve collected all the coins in a plastic box/bowl encourage your child to count them and sort them according to colour and size.


Day 3:

Landing objects in groups- Hide 7 small objects in a "treasure chest" (plastic or wooden box). Count the objects with your child and say "Let`s throw the object in the air and see what is going to happen. How many groups of objects do we have now? Can you count the objects in each group? Is the total still the same?


Day 4:

Number line game. Draw a number line on a paper roll. Alternatively you can sellotape together A4 paper sheets. Draw a number line and stick it on the floor. Write numerals from 1 to 7 on post it notes and place them underneath the number line randomly. Tell your child that you need a little help arranging the numbers in order. Which number comes first 6 or 7? Do we need to place number 5 after or before number 4? What is the first/last number in our number line?

Day 5:

Design a form of transport for the pirates using different 2D shapes.


Rhyme of the Week:

The Pirate Song



Day 1:

Make a pirate boat using different resources. Look at different prototypes. Which one is the best? Which materials is it made from? Categorise materials and discuss their purpose.


Day 2:

Paper plate pirate. Focus on mixing primary colours. What do you think it will happen if we mix red and yellow?


Day 3:

Create your own pirate spy glass. What type of resources do you need? Why do you think the pirates might have used spy glasses for?


Day 4:

Make your own pirate playdough.

Here's our pirate playdough recipe!
Ingredients Needed:

2 Cups of Flour.
1/2 Cup of Salt.
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil.
2 Tablespoons Cream of Tartar.
1 1/2 Cup hot Water (adult to pour it)
Yellow Food Coloring.

Combine flour, salt, cream of tartar & oil in bowl. Then add in hot water and stir. I start with a spoon but I quickly change over to using my hands to knead it all together. It will come together in just a matter of minutes. Once you have your plain colored playdough you can add in the food coloring. I added about 25 drops of color to get started. If you don’t wear gloves note that you will stain your hands in this process. Once it’s fully blended I pressed it out and added about 10 more drops of color and added glitter. I’d then fold it in half and knead until blended. Repeat until you reach the color and glitter consistency you prefer. I did one more additional time after that. *roughly 35-40 drops of food coloring You can use the playdough to do coin printing.


Day 5:

Make a pirate hat 

Stay safe and have fun!

Mrs Marcu and Miss Cotton


 Early Years Foundation Curriculum

Welcome Booklet - procedural information

Alphabet - starting to form letters

Please find listed below  documents providing information about Letters and Sounds as taught in the Foundation Stage:

General Letters and Sounds

Phase 2 Words    Phase 3-4 Words   Phase 5 Words