Strategic Plan 2018 to 2025

Vision statement

The children are at the centre of everything that we do. As a learning community we believe that all children are of equal importance and they deserve equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum in a happy, secure, stimulating and caring learning environment. This promotes active learning; lively, enquiring minds; and the ability to question. It enables each child to achieve to the best of their ability and become a well-rounded individual. We believe that pupils’ high self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness are central to our success as we continuously challenge ourselves to achieve the highest standards. 

What are the school’s aims?

At Wood End School we aim to:

  • provide high-quality and stimulating teaching that challenges and motivates the children;
  • provide an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum in a stimulating learning environment that is relevant to the 21st century and which promotes academic, physical, creative, social, emotional and spiritual development;
  • help children to become emotionally aware, respectful, resilient, curious, engaged in their learning and excellent citizens through our Wood End learner traits;  
  • be an inclusive school that celebrates and supports difference;
  • develop high self-esteem and self-motivation in our pupils so that they have enthusiasm for learning and appropriate expectations of themselves and others, both academically and socially;
  • encourage children to persevere in the face of difficulties and to make informed choices by developing their sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline and independence;
  • develop our children to be valued contributors to society and to recognise the value of others;
  • encourage exemplary manners, the development of positive social relationships, tolerance and respect for all members of the school and wider community; and
  • promote open and two-way relationships between school, home and the wider community to benefit all.

What is the purpose of the school strategic plan?

Our strategic plan sets out the goals necessary to implement the school’s vision and aims. 

We have an exceptional school. The intention of the strategic plan is to provide direction to ensure that the school develops and in doing so, continues to be exceptional.

This plan builds on the school’s evaluation of teaching, quality and standards, and anticipates the evolving needs and potential challenges over the next seven years.

It considers challenges such as budget restrictions, school places in Harpenden, teacher recruitment and allows the school to have a framework from which to take advantage of all possible opportunities. 

How do we deliver the strategic plan?

The framework of the school strategic plan is delivered through the School Development Plan, the Budget and the Asset Management Plan.

This document will be reviewed and updated each year with a more formal revision every three years.

What is the school strategic plan?

  1. Maintaining Wood End as an exceptional school and ensuring best outcomes for our children by:
    • having the highest expectations of all aspects of school life including academic and sporting achievement, performance in the arts and behaviour;
    • providing an ambitious, creative and inspiring curriculum that is relevant to the 21st century and underpinned by effective, on-going assessment for learning;
    • developing well-rounded, engaged and motivated pupils who take ownership of their learning, have appropriate expectations of behaviour and respect and feel able to contribute to all aspects of school life;
    • working in collaboration with other schools and sharing best practice; and
    • increasing awareness and promoting the importance of the mental health and well-being of our children and staff.  
  1. Providing a culturally sensitive and tolerant learning environment where the arts and sports are recognised alongside academic attainment by:
    • promoting cultural awareness, enabling our children to respect and learn from each other;
    • exposing our pupils to a range of experiences to prepare them for the modern world;
    • maintaining Wood End’s reputation for strong academic success;
    • encouraging children to express their individuality through the provision of a broad range of opportunities across sport, the arts and music and celebrating their achievements; and
    • encouraging children to bring their own knowledge, skills and beliefs into the learning environment. 
  1. Focusing on teaching skills and staff development by:
    • providing a depth and breadth of professional development which responds to individual ambitions and needs; and
    • being recognised as a school of choice by staff due to support for development of skills. 
  1. Preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world by:
    • teaching children to be independent learners who are emotionally resilient and adaptive to change;
    • continuing to improve the quality of ICT provision;
    • anticipating and adapting our teaching and learning to reflect the evolution of the digital world; and
    • acknowledging the impact of climate change. We will help to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment through our pupils. Working with the eco council is one example. 
  1. Having a planned approach to revenue generation by:
    • optimising the school estate to achieve maximum opportunities for broad commercial use; and
    • seeking financial support from all possible sources. 
  1. Investing in the school estate by:
    • allowing for more flexible use to cope with evolving demands;
    • providing modern, well-equipped facilities which meet the needs of pupils in a changing world; and
    • acknowledging the impact of climate change. We will help to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment through sustainability in our spending choices.