Wood End School

Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

Yeomans Avenue, Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 3EF


01582 761636

Contact the PTA

Email:  PTA@woodend.herts.sch.uk 

Letters can also be left in the school office or sent to:

Wood End School
Yeoman’s Avenue 

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PTA Committee


Co Chair:  Morven Allen

Co Chair: Joanne Hall

Secretary: Laura Devlin

Compliance: Georgie Mellings

Treasurer: Jo Reid

Communications: Kirstin Williamson

PTA Class Reps

Nursery AM - Seedlings: Jade Freemantle  and <TBC>

Nursery PM - Saplings: Jenny Denham and Michelle Jenkins

Reception - Ash: Anna Ring  and <TBC>

Reception - Beech: Sarah Sparshott, Lynsey Calder and Emma Kitley

Year 1 - Chestnut: Joanne Hall and Tris Harvey

Year 1 - Cedar: Sarah Burford and Jo Harrison

Year 2 - Hawthorn: Elaine Rees and Louise Fraser

Year 2 - Holly: Claire Fox and Ruth Dreyer

Year 3 - Pine: Laura Devlin and Morven Allen

Year 3 - Pear: Louisa Gee and Amanda Leacy

Year 3 - Poplar: Lisa Morris and Perdi Parris

Year 4 - Maple: Tim Jaggard and Harriet Sanders

Year 4 - Rowan: Rachel Bradbury and Jessica Rees

Year 5 - Willow: Kate Whitfield and Dani St Roas

Year 5 - Sycamore: Zoe Burdett and Caroline Jeavons

Year 6 - Elder: Claire Moffatt and Jo White

Year 6 - Oak: Hannah Turner and Cathy Dowden

Year 6 - Elm: Julia Foster and Julie Mitchell