Wood End School

Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

Yeomans Avenue, Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 3EF


01582 761636

Can you lend a hand? 

Your PTA needs you!

We really need some more volunteers to come forward and organise and coordinate some events in 2020.   Responsibilities can be shared over a team of people and we have lots of past knowledge to share and can provide plenty of support.  

Even if you don't feel able to coordinate an event; have a chat with us and see what you could do. Have a look at our news and dates page to see what is planned - we would love to hear from you!


  • We have previously run a Movie Night for the Infants and Juniors on a Friday after school. However, we currently don't have anyone to organise it for this year, so are looking for a small group who might like to run this very popular event.  It would involve selecting films, working with one of the PTA Trustees to set up ticketing, organising snacks, managing volunteers, as well as being on hand during the event itself. We have people who have helped at past events on hand to support with advice and preparations, and we always get a good group of volunteers to help on the day, but at least two people (or even a small group) are needed to take the lead for the actual event.


  • Compliance Officer: We are looking for someone to manage our relationships with external organisations such as the Charity Commission and Parentkind and help us manage our obligations for events and activities.  No previous experience is required, just a willingness to support the school, the PTA and our activities.   


  • We would love someone who can help with coordinating bookings via School Gateway for Children’s events (such as Movie Night, Fun Run, Disco). 


  • The Children's Disco has been another very popular event, and the current lead (Kirstin) would be available to work with a new team to organise the next one. This would involve agreeing a date with the school, arranging for a DJ, organising snacks for the tuck shop, managing volunteer rotas, and working with one of the PTA Trustees to manage the tickets. This event is lots of fun for everyone and lots of volunteers do help out, a few people are just needed to lead and coordinate all the tasks. 
We also have some ideal small roles for example:
  • Perhaps you could help serve refreshments at the next Fun Run or Sports Day.
  • Do you have a printer along with a laminator and could put up posters at the school gates for us in the run up to events?
  • The PTA Container needs a little tidy up and stock check from time to time, could you be an extra pair of hands?
  • Extra hands to help with second hand uniform sales

Do you have a great fundraising idea you'd like to run / be involved in? Big or small - please get involved! 

Please get in touch: do come along to a meeting, or catch any of the PTA Trustees: Joanne, Morven, Joanna, Wilma, Laura or Kirstin at pick up/drop off in the playground, or send us an email:  PTA@woodend.herts.sch.uk