Wood End School

Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

Yeomans Avenue, Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 3EF


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Can you lend a hand? 

Your PTA needs you!

We’re hoping that the new school year will give us lots of opportunities to put on the events the children (and parents) love so much. Following the success of allocating the 2019 Summer Fair to a year group, we will follow the same process giving each year group the opportunity to focus on an event and make it their own. There will be plenty of support available from the wider PTA team and previous event organisers!
Come along to our first PTA meeting of the 2021/22 academic year on Tuesday 21st September to find out more.

In November, the Trustees will be completing their term in office. Please do consider if you could can be a part of the team helping to steer the PTA. Roles & examples of tasks include:

  • Treasurer - Prepare the annual accounts, and management accounts for each meeting. Manage floats, banking and expenses for events. Pay bills and invoices.
  • Chair / Co-Chairs / Vice Chair - Run and manage PTA meetings, support the PTA events programme and those organising events, represent the PTA to the school.
  • Secretary - Prepare agendas for, and take minutes at PTA meetings. Share meeting documents with the PTA distribution list.
  • Communication - Produce regular communications for the PTA, including the weekly newsletter. Share information via PTA Facebook page, Class Rep messages, school website etc.
  • Compliance - Help manage our relationships with external organisations such as the Charity Commission, Parentkind, and VirginMoneyGiving, also help us manage obligations for events and activities.

Please ask if you would like to know more about what is involved, we are very happy to share how the roles have worked in practice and what we have learnt!


We really need some more volunteers to come forward and organise and coordinate some events/fundraisers in 2021.   Responsibilities can be shared over a team of people and we have lots of past knowledge to share and can provide plenty of support.  

Even if you don't feel able to coordinate an event; have a chat with us and see what you could do. Here are just a few examples:


  • Christmas Cards Fundraiser: Early in the Autumn term, the children each design a Christmas Card in class. The designs are sent to a supplier, and later in the term parents/carers have the opportunity to order cards and mugs with their child's design. We need someone to coordinate with the supplier and school for the ordering, and help check and sort all the products the ready for distributing to classes at the end of November.   


  • The Children's Disco has been another very popular event, and the current lead (Kirstin) would be available to work with a new team to organise the next one. This would involve agreeing a date with the school, arranging for a DJ, organising snacks for the tuck shop, managing volunteer rotas, and working with one of the PTA Trustees to manage the tickets. This event is lots of fun for everyone and lots of volunteers do help out, a few people are just needed to lead and coordinate all the tasks.  
  • Could you help serve refreshments at the next Fun Run or Sports Day?


  • Do you have a printer along with a laminator and could put up posters at the school gates for us in the run up to events?


  • The PTA Container needs a little tidy up and stock check from time to time, could you be an extra pair of hands? 


  • Extra hands to help with second hand uniform sales (sorting and setting out stock, packing away after) are very appreciated. 

Do you have a great fundraising idea you'd like to run / be involved in? Big or small - please get involved! 

Please get in touch: do come along to a meeting, or catch any of the PTA Trustees: Joanne, Morven, Joanna, Laura or Kirstin at pick up/drop off, or send us an email:  PTA@woodend.herts.sch.uk