Wood End School

Yeomans Avenue, Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 3EF

01582 761636


Headteacher: Mr Richard Boulton

Learning Together
Respecting Each Other

External Clubs

Schedule external clubs - (Contact details at bottom of page)

ClubStart Day / DayTimeYear GroupTeacher(s)
Tennis Mondays
Infant Hall


1 & 2 Tennis Club - Aaron Meredith
Martial Arts Mondays
Infant Hall


Age 4-6 years Little Dragons & Samurai - Nigel Smart
Martial Arts Mondays
Infant Hall


Advanced Class Advanced - Nigel Smart

Field or Junior Hall

After School

 Years 3 & 4 Touchline - Leon Fleming
 Gymnastics Tuesdays
Infant Hall 

After School

 Years 1 & 2 & 3 Sports for Schools 
5th Harpenden Beavers & Scouts Tuesdays
Infant & Junior Hall 


Age 5 to 13


5th Harpenden Scouts
 French Club Wednesdays
Infant Acorn Room 


Year 1 

French Club - Mr Steve Cort
 Martial Arts Wednesdays
Infant Hall 


Age 4-6 years 

Little Dragons - Nigel Smart
 Street Dance Wednesdays
Junior Hall 

After School 

 Key Stage 2

Kew Dance 
 Science Wednesday
Yr6 Classroom

After School 

Key Stage 2 

Mad Science 
 Tennis Thursdays 


 Years 3 & 4

Tennis Club - Aaron Meredith
Art  Thursday
Maths room Yr5 

After School

Rec to Yr6 

My After School Art Club
Street Dance   Thursday
Infant Hall

After School

 Key Stage 1

Kew Dance
Music Club
Infant Hall 


 Years Rec to Yr6

Voices - Mrs Lucina Troy
 Football Friday 

After School 

 Years 1 & 2

Touchline Soccer - Leon Fleming 


External Club Contacts

Not all external club letters may be available, please contact your club directly if you need further information

My After School Art Club (Nathalie Titterton): 07581 185965.  Please pay and book online at www.myafterschoolartclub.com
French Club (Steve Cort): 07513 945655
Kew Dance (Kyla Walker): 07807 061970
Luton Town Football: 07725 172345
Mad Science: 01727 824700   Website: www.east.madscience.org
Martial Arts Little Dragons (Nigel Smart): 07973 692664 Email: enquiries@hertfordshirekaratecentre.com
5th Harpenden Scouts: Website: http://www.5thharpendenscouts.org.uk/
Tennis Club (Aaron Meredith): 07990 578790 Email: aaronlloyd3@aol.com
Touchline Soccer (Leon  Fleming): 07736 713695
Sports for Schools Gymnastics: 01223 792206.  To book: http://sfs.bookinglive.com/
Voices (Lucina Troy) Yr3 to Yr6: To book visit: www.lucinatroymusic.co.uk     Email:   admin@lucinatroymusic.co.uk